COROLLA / EE-90 / 1988-1991

Sixth generation (E90; 1987–1991)

Sixth-generation Toyota Corolla

A somewhat more rounded and aerodynamic style was used for the E90 introduced in May 1987. Overall this generation has a more refined feel than older Corollas and other older subcompacts. Most models were now front wheel drive, along with a few 4WD All-Trac models. Many engines were used on a wide array of trim levels and models, ranging from the 1.3-liter 2E to the 165 horsepower (123 kW) supercharged 4A-GZE. The E90 Sprinter was also rebadged and sold as the Geo Prizm (US) or Holden Nova (Australia).

EE-9088-911300 CCPETROL
CE-9088-912000 CCDIESEL
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