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P.No: 6PK-2093
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FB2 13-15
FC6 16-19 (1.8)


Honda Civic 2013-2019 OEM High Quality V-Ribbed Belt / Belt Alternator 6PK-2093. EPDM Material Technology Smooth Surface Glitter Power In The Rib Side 90k Kms Under Normal Use.

serpentine belt, also known as a multi-vee, poly-v, or multi-rib belt, is a single, continuous belt used to drive multiple peripheral devices in an automotive engine, such as Analternator, Power Steering Pump, Water Pump, Air Conditioning Compressor, Air Pump, etc. The belt may also be guided by anidler pulley and/or a belt tensioner(which may be spring-loaded, hydraulic, or manual).

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